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In Mumbai I had the chance to be acting as an background dancer in a Bollywood movie. That was quiet an experience that you don’t get every day, and after being offered free food and 500 ruppies, I just couldn’t say ‘no’ to it. Here’s some behind the scenes footage from this happening!

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This is a travelblog with the aim to find freedom, happiness, strength and the unusual…

FREEDOM Breaking free from the usual work/life cycle, and do whatever you like.

HAPPINESS Doing the things you love most in life.

STRENGTH Standing up for your dreams and never give up on them.

UNUSUAL Seeing new places, things and people.

The dragon feather is a metaphor for all these things. The feather symbolises freedom through its flying abilities, whilst the dragon stands for power and strength …and knowing that no one has ever seen a dragon makes it pretty unusual to find one of their feathers. But could maybe finding something that doesn’t exist bring you true happiness?


No, it’s actually already my second travelblog. From 2014-15 I was travelling through Australia and South Est Asia, that’s when I gained my first blogging experiences, with the intention to keep the family back home up to date. I enjoyed it a lot and gained more and more readers over the time, which was an amazing feeling and encouraged me put up a new blog for my new travels.

There are some mayor differences from my old blog to “The Search of the Dragon Feather”. First of all it is my first English blog, so please don’t expect perfect written (and spoken) words. Another big new feature are the videos, which is also a first time for me. Let’s see how that goes 🙂

I had a little help from my very good friend Jenny who did a sketch for the logo, exactly the way I had it in my head. But everything else I was able to do on my own. A wild combination a work related influences plus a great interest for photography and the IT sector gave me all the skills that it needs to put up such a blog and feed it with content. But I have to say that writing textes, sorting and reworking photos, cutting videos and updating the site is a full time job that takes part during the actual travelling. It’s tough, but I love it!

Well as I am travelling I won’t be having internet all the time. I will though prepare my posts offline as much as I can, so when I’m back on the internet, you will get to know everything that happend in the days in between.


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