02″07’18 Getting lost on the bazaar

I heard many things about Delhi before I actually planed to travel there. People had been telling me that it is supposed to be even busier than Mumbai, although I had the feeling back there, that a place couldn’t get more bustling. Still everyone told me that Delhi is beautiful and worth visiting. So even that I was afraid to get into this crowded city and to handle all that craziness, I still wanted to see it.
Rhys and me chose to stay in a very calm hostel in the outskirts of the city, to have a place for retreat. Already on the way from the drop-off point of our bus, to the accomodation, I was very suprised about Delhi, as it was very different from what I heard before. The traffic wasn’t actually too bad and there was so much green all around us. It was a great first impression that I received, and also on the one day we chose to drive into the center I was happy about having come here. I have to admit that we didn’t get to see any of the main sights, because they were either closed or we were asked again for outrageous tourist entry fees, that we didn’t want to pay. But we got to see something that I enjoyed even much more, as we found ourselfs in the middle of the markets at some point. The bazaars of Delhi are some of the biggest in whole of Asia and walking though them is quiet an adventure, but isn’t that what travelling is all about?
The range of products you could find was huge. Propably there is nothing you couldn’t find here, but wanting to get something specific you may be looking for, almost seemed impossible. I don’t know how often we had the feeling of being lost, and even the maps on our phones couldn’t always tell where about we were. Still we always found our way out, ready to get lost again to discover more things that you will never get to see like that in the regions where we are from. Propably I would have photographed myself to death if my camera wouldn’t have stopped working at some point for reasons I don’t know yet. But I hope to get it fixed soon, so that I can still supply all of you visitors to my blog with more nice photography. Wish me luck!

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