05″07’18 Into the mountains

It was off to much calmer regions again after staying in the busy city of Delhi. Rhys and me got to witness those extreme traffic conditions one last time when we were trying to catch our nightbus to Manali. Due to massive jams on the whole journey we managed to miss our booked bus by almost one hour, but besides from the loss of money it was easy to get us booked on a bus later that night.
So after a 13 hour busride we arrived all the way up in the north of India. We were in the Himalayas now which ment completely new weather conditions. Remembering 40°C and brutal sun from Delhi, we were welcomed now by 14°C and rain. At the drop-off point of our bus we were taken by another bus into New Manali. Due to landslides the roads were in bad condition which lifted us out of our seats multiple times during the fast ride. And even on our arrival with this bus, we weren’t at our goal yet, as we still had to find our hostel. Exhausted as we were, we chose the simple method of taking a tuctuc to our accomodation, which was a wise decision. It was a quiet long way and the road to the hostel went very steep up a hill. So steep that in one point we even had to step out of our vehicle for a couple of meters, so that it could manage going up.
Things changed finally to the good, when we arrived at our beautiful hostel and by exploring the town we were happy that we had taken that long journey. The weather cleared up quickly after we had sat for a while in one of the various cafes along the main street of Old Manali. The landsacpes around us were just breathtaking. Huge green mountains with beautiful waterfalls in them, and in the far distance you would see snow covered peaks surrounded by perfectly formed clouds. It didn’t even feel like being in India anymore, as for me it was very similar to Nepal, which I had visited around 3 years ago. It made me feel extremely comfortable.
The only thing that really bothered me, is that one of my camera lenses broke during the stay on the markets of Delhi. The good news about it is that I carry another lens with me, but the bad news is that it is my macro lens which I normally only use for my botanic photography. I was just mentioning this, because my pictures might have slightly changed, but I will still try to make the best out of the situation 🙂

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