08″07’18 Mountains nature

Since my beloved wideangle lens broke in Delhi, my macro lens became the main lens on my camera. After all there was one good thing about that. When I was walking or biking through places all those month before, it happened from time to time that I saw a beautiful shot for my macro lens, but I was too lazy to put it on just for two or three pictures. Mainly I only used that lens, when I knew I was going to a botanic garden or places like an animal park. But that lens was the only one I had left, so now I could take close-ups from the botanics everywhere I took my camera!
The flora up in the mountains was not suprisingly very similar to the one I remember from the south of my home country, which was of course due to the similar climate. But it made this town feel even more comfortable to me, aswell as the ‘wildlife’ of Manali, which was mainly about seeing dogs and cows the whole time. The dogs up here, were very different from most of the ones in the rest of India. They were calm, peaceful and always up for a cudle, as for dogs in other Indian cities I was never too sure if I could trust them or not. All in all staying in this beautiful town felt amazingly nice… so much that this was the place I stayed the longest in India, and I’m sure that I’ll come back some day.

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