10″07’18 Going high

Already back in Pune, people that I got to know at my hostel had been telling me about this town all the way up in the mountains called Leh Ladhak. The distance to get there by road from Manali is 470 kilometers, so I thought in worst case if I was travelling in a bus at an average of 50 kilometers an hour I should arrive in around 10 hours. But back then I didn’t know about the road conditions yet and after all I was actually even suprised that we arrived after a whole of 16 hours, because those mountain passes were partly in a horrible state. By sitting in the front seat during the whole drive I wasn’t just the one with best view on this terrifying road, but I was also the only one who couldn’t stretch his out his legs or put his seat in a lieing position. Well I couldn’t think about sleeping during this ride anyways, but still a little bit more comfort would have been desirable in times when you think this might be your last ride!
Glad having survived I arrived in the darkness of the night at an unknown place and again of course I had no idea where to head. Like every time before I didn’t inform myself at all about the place I travelled to, so instinctively and tired as I was I chose the first guesthouse that I came across and found myself in the propably worst place I ever stayed. At this point I didn’t care about anything anymore, so I stayed the night and moved on early in the morning to discover the real Leh. After a short walk from the guesthouse I arrvied at the main shopping street, which was so different from what I had expected from Leh. It almost seemed like a western pedestrian zone, but then again everything had this Nepalese influence. And again I didn’t feel like being in India anymore, but much more in my most beloved country I travelled to so far.
After having found a nice hostel I discovered this town for a couple of days. My first plan to go trekking in the surroundings of Leh were cancelled by my body when I felt sick from the hight on the first days, so I just chose to have a relaxed time. It was definitely a place that was inviting to spend a long period of time in it. The various kinds of different cafes, restaurants and shops were just tempting to have a look at. One very common thing were the “German Bakeries” which of course made me excited about having found some food from home. But in the end it wasn’t very similar to what I remembered a German bakery to be like. Their biscuits, cookies and tarts were still delicious, which made me visit them almost daily.
The time in Leh was really great, but my visa is slowly coming to its end and I can say I am very suprised how fast those two month in India went past. It was a very intense time, with lots of beautiful moments, sometimes anger, but then again wonders around every corner. I am happy that I chose to come here!

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