11″07’18 Unexpected beautiful day

On my last day in Leh I was just about to leave my hostel in the morning to do another walk through town, like I used to the days before aswell. But just before stepping out of the hostels door the lovely Molly from Taiwan asked me if I want to join her and three other girls for a taxi ride to various sights around Leh, even including a budhist festival in a monastry. That came unexpected, but who wouldn’t say yes to an offer like that!
Apart from Molly and me, it was Emily and Stef from England joining us, aswell as the wonderful Andrea from Germany. The group was just amazing! We were laughing so much and telling all kinds of stories about travels and home. The two girls from England just started their travel a couple of days ago. It was nice to see them getting excited about their first experiences of India, and to watch their amazement. This whole day we explored so many different places. We saw colorful monk theatre, went swimming in an ice cold river, received free food at a Sik-Temple and went to a hill which is told to be magnetic. I hadn’t even heard about most of those attractions before, which made me feel even more happy about destiny having me brought to these people. We all got along so well with eachother, that even in this short time friendships grew and I am sure that sooner or later I will get to see them again!

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