14″07’18 The Manali Rangers

Being back from Leh Ladhak to Manali, the first thing was meeting up with Rhys of course. We met in the cafe where we used to go most of the time to grab some food and tea. During my stay in the north Rhys made friends with James, who was also from the UK. He joined us a bit later as well on our table in at the sunshine cafe. Sitting there I knew that Stef and Emily were about to arrive from Leh that day aswell, but unwisely we didn’t share any contacts. From time to time I was having an eye out on the main street if I would see them, but no luck. After a couple of hours I finally wanted to get rid of my lugguage and picked very randomly a guesthouse for my last days in India and got fresh for a night out. It was weekend, so many places were having live music in their shops. Our choice was again the sunshine cafe, with it’s comfortable couches in the downstairs outdoor area. After sitting there for a while I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the two girls from Leh walking in, taking a seat just next to us, without even having realized my presence. Loud laughter sounded up when I finally got their attention! We were happy to be reunited and shared all those stories from the crazy drive from Leh to Manali. We had an amazing night together and everyone was getting along great.
The next days I spend almost constantly with my four beloved people from the UK and truely enjoyed it. Already in the morning we agreed via our whats-app group called the “Manali Rangers” to meet for breakfast. After we either chilled the whole day together, tried out new restaurants, or we visited the waterfalls in the region. Exploring those places with people like that was amazing. In a previous blogpost I was writing about how a town that you don’t like can become beautiful, if you have the right people around you. In this case I had the best people around me, but also the place itself was beautiful…what else could I wish for?!
Life could go forever like this, but as we were travellers, it was of course goodbye again at some point. Not only that I had to give James and the girls a goodbye hug, but also my longest travelmate so far. Travelling with Rhys was quiet an experience, but I’ll tell more about that in my next post 😉

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