18″08’18 Spring bloomers

Yes… I am back in New Zealand! After having a long pause from blogging and spending a wonderful and relaxed time at my very good friend Rem, I was ready for new adventures. But before heading out of the city, I took the chance to visit the botanic gardens of Auckland one more time, which were suprisingly very different from my last visit more than half a year ago. This time spring was slowly moving into this country, which made me discover many flowers I know from the Easter time in Europe. It was kind of weird to see them now in August, as back home summer is coming to its end, which means the plants and trees are slowly turning to red, yellow and brownish colors. Here in Auckland a fresh green and new bloomers moved into town, which made me feel how the lifecycle began from new. I was overwhelmed by all those colors, scents and of course by the whole country itself. True happiness rushed through my veins and I was more than happy to have chosen to come back here. During my whole travel there was never any other place that could convey so much the feeling of home. Lets find out where this goes….

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