19″07’18 Who was that guy?

It has been propably around three weeks that I had been travelling together with that young tree surgeon and bartender from the UK. The age difference of 11 years didn’t change anything about us getting along amazing. In fact the mayor differences in our whole characters was which made us work together so good. As I am much more of a calm and thoughtful person, I would discribe Rhys much as an very outgoing and energetic guy, what I like about him! So in daily travelling life we had our roles: For example it was always me who made most of our descisions where to travel next and Rhys was the one who organized us the rides to get to those places. When I discovered that we were going the wrong direction in a tuctuc, Rhys was the one who made it clear to the driver. Or just in a restaurant where I couldn’t get the attention from the waiter, Rhys would have been the one who would have gotten him for me. It was great teamwork and Rhys trusted my concept of travelling without any real plans completely, as I trusted everything he did for us.
We went through a lot of adventures together and had plenty of unexpected situations through Mumbai, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaipur, Delhi and Manali. And the rides between all those places became much more entertaining compared to all those I had before. In the end we have been sitting a total of around 40 hours together in the bus and we shared 6 different hostels together. Travelling with someone is a very intense experience and if you find someone you can constantly have a good time with over weeks, you can definitely say that you have found a new friend! I am very glad that I met him and that we unexpectedly travelled for such a long time together.
As Rhys felt like a very close person to me, I felt quiet comfortable with taking photos of him during our daily lifes. Here’s my best of!

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