25″06’18 Pushkar

From many people I had heard before that Pushkar would be a place worth visiting, so why not give it a try. We arrived in the evening and again we had no beds booked in advance, but as we realized soon that this place was very touristic it was easy finding a nice accomodation, which even had a whole dorm just for ourselfes…and a/c of course. In these regions I was still very happy to have a cool room at night, as I am not the best at handling heat. I can’t wait until I get further up north where the temperature will be more to what I am used to from good old Germany.
Pushkar is a very small town, compared to most of those I had seen on my journey through India so far. We were able to see it’s size nicely when we drove up to a hill by a cablecar, which was only one of the plenty sights this magical place had to show. It is also famous for it’s camel riding, touristic markets and it’s beautiful lake with temples all around it. What I enjoyed most was however the calmness this place had and being able to get a great breakfast for not even 30 ruppies. Some other tourists we met were so much in love with this place, that they already stayed for a couple of weeks here, as for us it was off to Jaipur after a 3 day stay.

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