28″06’18 The real tourists

In Jaipur we finally became real tourists, by having a rickshaw tour which brought us around most of all the important sights to see in and around town. Like this we got to see temples, palaces, forts and a monkey temple without monkeys. Last was definitely my favorite, not only that it was the last sight our driver brought us to this day, Rhys also had been looking forward to seeing monkeys already the whole day. And then we arrived at a hill that we climbed to reach a temple that we spotted on its top… but no monkeys anywhere. Rhys looked greatly disappointed with his banana in his hand, ready to feed one of those cuties.
Then we noticed a path going down on the other side of the hill to something that also looked like a temple. Hope came up again, that we would still get to see some monkeys, as we followed the steep track downwards. The amount of monkeys we found in the end was again very disappointing, still the temple itself fasciated me a lot. It was made up of several rectangular basins within a gorge. One of them was used by plenty of Indian men to go for a swim in that murky green water, which was definitely a funny thing to watch.
Apart from the beautiful sights in Jaipur, we also found a hostel with a very good vibe. Although we arrived in the middle of the night, we were welcomed very friendly and moved into a half full 8 bed dorm. We felt comfortable, which made us stay a bit longer than we had on mind first, but the next city is already waiting. Actally I am a bit afraid about our next destination, as it is said to be the most busy in whole of India, but lets find out…

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