#07″06’18 My path to inner peace

During my time in Hampi I found a place of true peace. Soon I took this long and stony walk to Matanga hill twice a day to practice my meditation up there. Just have a look as this video and you will know why I chose this place!

#14″05’18 A quick trip to the Sossusvlei

The trip to the Sossusvlei wasn’t only a highlight for my stay in Africa, but for my whole travel so far. Already the flight to get there in a little plane made me cry tears of joy and seeing those amazing landscapes in this fascinating national park absolutely blew my mind!

#14″04’18 Happy new year again!

My first Songkran in Thailand was an unforgettable experience. Those 5 day long waterfights in Chiang Mai made me feel like a kid again, playing in the biggest kindergarden ever. I know no other place where I had seen so many happy faces before, no matter which age or origin. This was definitly not my last new year in Thailand.

#05″04’18 Back on the bike (same same but different)

Cycling through Angkor Wat was an amazing experience, although it wasn’t my first time. Already two years ago I rented a bike to visit those wonderful temples. The diffence was that I was doing it on my own, but with having company from Haylee and Lea this time, it was even more fun!

#31″03’18 The masters of lightshow

Singapore is already an absolute highlight at daytime, but once it gets dark it gets even better. With amazing lightshows happening around the Marina Bay Sandy area it transforms into a colourful world of wonders. And even if you think you saw it all you will get across another lightshow that fascinates you from new. Therefore it is definitely a place I am going to visit again!

#25″03’18 Gospels in the cement silo

During the last days that I spend in New Zealand the Art Festival was going on in Auckland. Great shows and happenings were taking place around these days, but the one performance which gave me the shivers all over my body were these acapella artists singing the ‘Ave Maria’ in an old cement silo.

#14″03’18 The piano man

This video shows a private concert I was given by Francis Taylor, who is a former piano teacher. Francis picked me up from the streets, when I didn’t know where to stay for the night and if I hadn’t been already lucky enough by that gesture, I also had a magical night by listening to his music.

#13″03’18 Cliff jumping at Crayfish

On my last day in Whitianga we drove out to Crayfish Bay to do some cliff jumping. That was a real highlight for me not only because of the amazing scenery, but also because it was propably the highest jump into water that I ever did in my life. I am so thankful for Sam taking me out to this fantastic spot.

#10″03’18 Good vibes in Cat’s Pyjamas

Recently I changed the concept for my videos a little bit. Instead of showing you once again how I travel through beautiful and breathtaking landscapes with my bike, I want to break my videos down on just my very special moments I witness on my journey. This one is about my little sister jamming a song on the guitar for me in the wonderful Pyjama’s Backpackers in Whitianga.

#28″02’18 Finding my passion

After having a great time together with Bri in the Abel Tasman, I wanted to get back to my bike again. I really started to miss it, so I took the ferry back to the north island and travelled back up to Ongarue once again. Where will my journey go from here….?

#18″02’18 Off to new shores

After having a great time in Wellington I continued my journey over to the south island of New Zealand. By hitch hiking I arrived in Motueka at some point, where I planned to do a kayak tour around the Abel Tasman national park.

#05″02’18 A change in transportation

After a week of staying in Ohura I felt like parking my bike for a while and change my way of transportation. Find out how I made my self down to Wellington within a week.

#27″01’18 The forgotten world

The Timber Trail led me directly to Ongarue, where I just had to stay for a while. When a feeling old me to continue my journey, I didn’t make it very far, because the weather made me go somewhere where I never planned to go. That’s how I landed in the forgotten world.

#14″01’18 Going into timber

After I left Hamilton I went more into nature, but still not knowing where I was exactly going. So at some point I just came to the Timber Trail, not knowing what to expect from it. Those were some tough 50 kilometers, but just so beautiful to drive.

#09″01’18 On the road

Now I am on the road. I bought myselft a bicycle in Auckland so that I can travel the counrty on two wheels. I had this idea in mind already for long time, and it just feels right to do it now. Lets see how that goes….

#03″01’18 The first days

Finally arrived in Auckland and happy from the first second on. The new years eve clebrations were just amazing over here, I stil can’t believe how much fun that was….

#28″12’17 Start Off

Hey everyone, so this is it…the start to my new travelblog!!! Actually this is even the first video I ever did, not even only for youtube. But it was great fun, even though I was really tired from travelling, so I guess I’m going to do more of them and I promise they will only get better 😉

“Moving pictures convey feelings”

That is something I want to achieve by uploading videos besides my photography. I want you to be as close to what I experience as possible, I want to tell you about my feelings and I want you to hear what I get to hear.

Come and take a really close look to my life as a traveller!

©2017 by philipp wendt