Hey there, I’m Phil!

Actually I was never that much of an adventurer for a very long time and my life went pretty normal till I was 29 years old. Like all the other kids I went to school, did my highschool degree, started studying, got my diploma in architecture, and started working. I did a great job, but it was never really satisfying and at some point I just wanted to break out. So within a pretty short time I quit my job, sold all my belongings and went on my first travel.

After a 15 month journey through Australia and South East Asia I arrived back in Germany. I started working in a permanent role again, but it just didn’t feel right anymore. So I quit my job again, and became a freelancer, working in all kinds of the design sectors. Through this I gained a lot of my freedom back, and I worked at a minimum, to have more free time, which was actually a very good life. But still this feeling I had during travelling was missing, what made me think about leaving again…

…and here I am now!

“I can’t explain why, but somehow you are different from other people”

…that’s something I heard pretty often from people who got to know me or friends and even within my family. At some points in my life I had plans, like becoming a well known architect and making my parents proud, building my own house and even having my very own family, but somehow that never worked out for me.

Here’s a little bit about me, so you can find out if you share this opinion.

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